Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Look at me being all pro in Overwatch with the snipers...

Last night me and Alister played some Overwatch, or, Oversalty as we like to call it haha! We had some truly horrendous games! I don't think I'll ever understand how the Overwatch matchmaking system works - in one game, we totally destroy the enemies (and to be honest, it's not that fun!) and the very next game, we get put against an uber OP team, with a bunch of idiots on our side (trying to line up the perfect team kill with McCree's ult, oblivious of the rest of the team or the objective for that matter!).

Anyway, we played Mystery Heroes mostly. The first clip is us defending on Numbani. It was all going relatively well defending the point (I was Orisa if memory serves), but they overwhelmed us (thanks to the 2 or 3 guys on our team just running off doing their own thing). I died, and rolled a Widowmaker. Oh boy, me and sniping... Now I'm not all bad, and sometimes luck is just totally on my side, as you'll see in the clip. I kill the Orisa too, but the highlight ends just before that hehe...

The Mystery Heroes just went to all hell, so we tried some Quickplay - I had some really good runs with Sombra in MH, so decided to try her in QP, and ended up making this nice play - was a rocky start, but thoroughly enjoyed playing her. We still lost though...

Lastly, Hanzo hahaha! It was this game where the McCree kept on trying to ult himself into the record books. It was on Oasis, and at the start of the one match, nobody captured the point for like a good 30 seconds after it became available! I tried Zenyata, then Soldier 76, then I was just screw it, I'M PLAYING MY MAIN! After switching to Hanzo, I got numerous lucky shots in and ended up with silver elims and gold damage. The game recorded this play of mine, makes me look like a pro - that Pharah in the end of the clip, I didn't kill her haha, so it was sheer luck!

Anyway, hope you enjoy :)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Overwatch plays compilation

Finally had a chance to compile and upload a bunch of replays I saved for Overwatch: