Saturday, May 27, 2017

Overwatch plays compilation

Finally had a chance to compile and upload a bunch of replays I saved for Overwatch:

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Beyond Good and Evil - get it for FREE

Beyond Good and Evil. Boy, what a unique and fun little game from a few years back. I remember vaguely what it was about - you're a reporter with a camera and your best friend is a pig. It's an action adventure game, with some stealth thrown into the mix too. Oh, and you also have a boat with which to travel around. And a staff to fight with. Great fun indeed, can't wait to fire it up again - ahh nostalgia :)

Well, it's now FREE on Ubisoft's Uplay - if you have an account already, simply click the U30 link at the top (this is their 30 year anniversary promotion = free games every month!). Thanks Ubisoft!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Overwatch plays - Pharah and a Reinhardt

Man, Overwatch is such an awesome game - that is, when it's not driving me totally insane.

As much fun as it can be, just so much turmoil can it cause in my life. But, one thing I have noticed that tends to help me enjoy the "bad" matches more, is to change my whole attitude towards the game. Usually I go in and really try to play my part - but, sadly, it doesn't always happen that my 5 team mates do the same. So what I do then is use that time to learn the other heroes I don't play as often. Such was the case this Monday - it didn't go well, so I decided to practice a bit with Pharah, someone I hardly ever play with. And hey, it was actually a lot of fun - I even got play of the game for one of the games. I also had some Reinhardt footage that I threw in for good measure, I especially liked his voice line at the end of the clip.

Anyway, here they are:

Thursday, October 6, 2016

My LG G4 - what I love, and what I don't love

I've had my LG G4 for about a year now. And here's how I feel about the phone:

Overall, my experience has been great with the device. I had the misfortune of dropping it while saving my son from a nasty plunge a few months ago, and the screen cracked. While in for repairs, I used my old Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Boy oh boy was it clunky! I then realised just how smooth and seamless the user experience is on my G4. Thankfully my LG is insured, so I got it back in a few days, repaired.

I would give the phone a solid 8.5 out of 10. Where it loses most of its points are with battery life and the phone getting very hot.

Firstly, battery life. When I got the phone, the deal included an extra battery with a charger - and now, after using the phone for a year, I realise why. If I use the phone during the day, especially if I play a game or two and watch some videos, it doesn't last a day. Thankfully for the extra battery, but I have to swap it out every day at least.

Then, overheating. Playing any sort of game gets my phone very hot, to the point where I get the message that it's too hot and will shut down to avoid damaging the device. I read up about this, and the suggestion was to put the phone in battery saver mode, which I did. This restricts apps in the background from using resources, but it does put this ugly orange bars at the top and bottom of the display to indicate you are in battery saver mode. So, I constantly see that, which is a bummer. This does make the battery last longer too, and actually works in preventing the phone from overheating, so I guess it's a solution for that. Some people also suggested taking the cover off (speaking of which, I do it every day to swap out the battery, and so far it hasn't given any issues regarding removing it that often).

The things I love - EVERYTHING else basically. Especially the camera! Wow does this thing take amazing photos and videos! My wife has a iPhone 6S Plus, and I'm afraid that the Apple just doesn't come close (for me at least). The phone's interface is really smooth and fluid, and it's just the right size at 5.5 inches. Also, the display is stunning to look at! One tiny thing I do miss from my Samsungs is the OLED displays, the main thing about this is that blacks aren't perfectly black, there's still some light shining out of the screen even if the display is showing a pure black item - on the OLED displays, the pixels are actually turned off.

To summarize, I love my LG G4, it's a great device, even with its minor flaws. I will definitely consider getting another LG with my next upgrade, which will only be in a year's time though. One thing I missed from my Samsungs is the better warranties. Samsungs gets a two year warranty in South Africa, and if your screen gets broken, or your device takes a swim, the first time they'll fix it for free. This was the first time ever though, that I've broken a screen on my smart phone. It sucked.

Till next time!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Overwatch ranked play - how I feel about it

At first, I had no interest in playing Overwatch ranked games, but my one friend told me he found it to be a much better experience than Quickplays. The thing is, people playing ranked generally try to do a better job at things and actually do their part in the games. According to my friend at least...

The first season ends tomorrow, so I decided last week that I'll do the placement matches and get some ranked play in as well.

Boy oh boy, I HATED the placements matches. I won only 3 out of the 10. The ones I won was great fun, but the ones we lost was just plain terrible. I somehow always gets placed against a far superior team, with toxic players in our team.

Now, I don't mind if you have a shitty game or make a mistake, but to blatantly join the game just to disrupt it for your team? Last night, with my 3rd last placement match, we had a Mei on our team - as we were all running for the point, she all of a sudden put up an ice wall blocking us all for a few seconds. When we finally reached the point, the whole enemy team was already there ready to wreak havoc on us. And boy did they. Another thing that bothers me is when someone chooses a hero they can't play. Or the wrong hero for the map. I mean, if you're gonna pick Widowmaker, and you end up with little to no kills, then switch to something else damnit!

Well, I wanted the sprays and stuff you get for taking part in competitive play, so I pushed through, but didn't have a good time doing it. BUT, everything changed when I finally finished up with the 10 placement matches (I ended up being rank 41 hehe), and played a proper competitive match. It was much better! So much better!! I had an absolute blast. We were grouped with nice players, and even though we lost about half our matches, it was still way better than anything Quickplay we've done before. The guys we played with actually tried bringing their part, which makes such a big difference, even if they make mistakes and stuff. We had a leaver or two, but at this level that is to be expected.

Anyway, we're definitely going to play much more competitive games next season, it's just a much nicer experience than Quickplay. Quickplays have their place though, where else are you going to learn how to play the new heroes and refine your skills?

It's almost high noon here, and I sense death is about to rain from above, so until next time!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Overwatch WTF Moments Ep.12

My friend showed me this clip of some hilariously funny Overwatch moments. I just had to share it! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Some Junkrat and Roadhog highlights - Overwatch plays

We had a great time playing Overwatch last night, I even managed to kill someone! :P Really helps if you've got a friend or two with you in the game! Thanks Alister and Papa for joining in on the mayhem!

Check Papa's channel too here:

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Some awesome Youtube Channels

When my son was born, it happened so much that I had to sit with him while he slept. He's been a bad sleeper since pretty much day one.

All those hours of sitting got me to scour Youtube for things to watch on my phone while he's sleeping on my lap. Here are some awesome channels that I'm subscribed to, and can highly recommend:

Unit Lost - with the whole Overwatch craze taking over the internet, this guy (his nickname is Stylosa) makes some really awesome Overwatch related videos. Mostly they are tutorial type videos, and I've found them a huge help. Plus he plays really well, my jaw always drops to the floor on how well these guys play!

SciShow and SciShow Space - I don't know quite how I stumbled upon these guys' channel, but I'm so glad I did. I love learning new things, and their regular videos are great at doing just that! If you find our world and how it works interesting, then you will love these two channels!

Numberphile - Sadly, I didn't do so well with maths at school, but I still find it very interesting. These guys talk about all things number related - for example, did you know that a rubik's cube can always be solveds with a minimum of 17 moves?

quill18creates - I've been making games for a while now, and Quill18's videos are awesome! I just love his way of doing Unity tutorials, and I like how he makes mistakes and doesn't edit it out, because that's how coding is in real life. Just yesterday I watched one of his videos on how to do a simple TD game. Highly recommend!

LinusTechTips and Techquickie - I recently started watching these guys' videos. They're from Canada and they get to play around with the most awesome computer related goodies! For example, ever thought of submerging your whole PC in mineral oil? Ever wondered what a 100TB NAS would look like? How about putting your dead graphics card in an oven to make it come back to life? Yes they have it all!

Vsauce - Vsauce, Michael here. That's how they all start. Hard to explain, just do yourself a favour and check it out. He talks about some really interesting topics.

That's it for now - just don't blame me if you never get any work done ever again ok.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Uh, hello again

Uh, hi :) I haven't posted on this blog for quite a few months! This year started with a bang and it's been quite a ride. One of the reasons for me not blogging as much is just being so damn tired haha! You see, we have this awesome little guy we lovingly call our son. He's turning 2 in October. He doesn't like sleeping. I can literally count on my two hands the times he's slept through in his life. And it's not as if he's crying or unhappy, he's just not that fond of sleeping we've come to realise. I think he's a prodigy of sorts, because only a busy mind keeps one up to such an extent!

Anyway, the last post I made was me celebrating the fact that our game, Catch a Falling Star, got Greenlit after being in the system for over 6 months. At one stage I thought it would never happen, but thanks to Dan from Back To Basics Gaming, our publisher, and some clever marketing from his side, it finally got through. It went on sale shortly after that, and it's actually doing quite well in terms of ratings/reviews - so far over 85% of Steam users have given it a "recommended" - so I'm very happy about that.

As far as gaming is concerned, sadly I don't get to play more than once or twice a week at most. I've dedicated a few nights a week to focus on some more game development with my good friend Jayson - oh and that reminds me, check out our awesome new logo for Alister Software:

My SUPER TALENTED wife, Natalie (check out her site for some awesome graphic design stuff) made it for us, it really spruced up the image of our small game dev company I think :)

But, getting back to the gaming, I've only been playing Fallout 4, Overwatch and now, since it's been release FINALLY, Starbound. Just loving these three at the moment! Check out this short clip of me saving keeping my Reinhardt alive in Overwatch:

Sadly, I don't play it nearly as much as I want. I'm only level 26 at the time of writing this, but I really want to play much more! Just loving how polished and fluid the game is. That's so typical of Blizzard, they really blow any competition out of the water when they make games!

Oh, and I also pre-ordered No Man's Sky. I'm cautiously optimistic about that one. I say cautiously, because I've found that huge procedural based games like that usually look great on paper, but in the end they lack in some area or another. Can't wait to try it though and see for myself, hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised this time around...

Well, here's to hoping I get to blog some more in the near future!

Till next time (which hopefully isn't months from now!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Catch a Falling Star - it got Greenlit!

Last year I started making games with my good friend Jayson. Being my first ever full game that I worked on, we decided to go for something a bit more simple and casual, but to make it very nice and polished so that people looking for something in that genre find exactly what they're looking for.

The game is called Catch a Falling Star. The ultimate goal in the game is to have something to play when you just want to sit back and relax. Natalie, my awesome wife (check her amazing graphic design website, which I made by the way (she designed it, I built it)) created the amazing artwork between working hard for her clients, having very little sleep and breastfeeding our son. I still can't believe how awesome the artwork for the game looks, and it's all thanks to her.

I tried making the game look nice with my extremely limited design skills, but I'm so glad she stepped in and rescued us, because damn, if I were to do it, the game would have no hopes at all!

We started the game part time in about April last year, and finished a public demo in October last year. At the same time our awesome publisher, Dan from Back to Basics Gaming, put the game up on Steam Greenlight. And about a month ago, we got that wonderful email from Steam saying our game has been Greenlit by the community! It was glorious indeed!

The last few weeks we've been focusing on finished up and polishing the game, and as I type this I'm uploading a final build to Dan to check out, before we roll out on Steam.

The game might look quite simple when you look at it, but you won't believe the amount of work that actually went into it. We played for hours and hours to get the pace and everything just right. There are stars that fall, and the main aim of the game is catch them. They fill up your basket, and only once you deposit them by bumping the side of the screen do you get the points. You get bonus points for when the basket is full, and even more bonus points if you deposit on the furthest side from where you caught the last star. Sounds pretty simple hey? Well, the speed of everything increases progressively as you play. There are power-ups too. And hazards. Even ice.

So yes, even for a game with a simple game play mechanic such as our Catch a Falling Star, a lot of work goes into gamess. And I mean A LOT hehe. In the end, we as game developers just want to create something that someone out there will enjoy. I really hope you'll give Catch a Falling Star a shot! I'll link to it as soon as it goes up for sale within the next day or so.

Till next time!