Friday, August 22, 2014

How to control your Galaxy Note 3 from your PC

I have a client who asked me to look into how they can provide support to their own clients with Whatsapp, but not have to sit with a phone, and rather do it from a PC, or something similar.

I looked at getting MHL connectors for a phone, connecting that to a PC screen with HDMI connection, and then also adding a bluetooth keyboard for the phone, but that all turned out to be quite a pricey option!

Then I did some searching and got to a solution where you can actually take control of your phone (in my case my Galaxy Note 3) from your PC by using good old TeamViewer! I first thought this isn't possible, but it turns out it is, and I tried it, and it works great!

Here's how:

Obviously you need TeamViewer loaded on your PC - get that from here.

Then, you'll need the Mobile TeamViewer app on your phone as well - here's the one you need. It's called TeamViewer QuickSupport.

The first time you open it up, it will ask you to download and install another app that's apparently needed as well - for my phone it was the QS Add-On: Samsung - get that here. There are several of these available for other manufacturers as well...

Now it's as simple as running the app, and entering the number it gives you on your TeamViewer on your PC. You'll have to allow your PC to connect to your phone, and then you'll get this:

And at the top left, you'll see Remote Control - you'll have to allow it once again on your phone, but that should do it, you now should have control of your phone from our PC. Pretty sweet!

I must say, it works very well. I haven't tested it long term for things like battery usage or the device getting too hot or stuff like that.

I'm also sure plenty of other Android devices will work with it because I saw several QS apps on the Play store. Anyway, enjoy controlling your phone with your pc!

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