Monday, March 17, 2014

My thoughts on Diablo 3 Loot 2.0 update

I was one of those who were extremely excited about Diablo 3 when it finally came out. And I really enjoyed playing the game. One thing really bugged me though - I didn't ever get any decent gear drops, I literally had to hit the Auction House after each level up just to be able to survive my encounters. I ended up leveling up my Demon Hunter to about level 46, my Barbarian to about level 27 and a few more to the early teens. No cool gear drop worth mentioning.

I know why Blizzard decided to do an Auction House - they wanted to keep an eye on things, because in Diablo 2 people sold gear all the time to other players, so Blizzard wanted their share of the pie as well of course. Anyway, it really hurt the game more than anything in my opinion.

I lost interest very quickly, and didn't even level one character to level 60. I wasn't in the mood to grind till I level up, and then spend an hour searching for nice new gear in the Auction House.

Last year I learned that Blizzard has decided to finally take the whole Auction House out of the game, and I was really glad to hear that. Furthermore, they've patched the game with their new Loot 2.0 system, which is also a pre-patch for the new expansion coming out.

After Loot 2.0 came out, I kept a close eye on the internet to see what the people had to say, and I was happy to learn that it was good news. Great news even! It was a new game!

I decided to dust of the section of my hard drive where Diablo 3 was installed, and started it up again on Saturday. First thing I noticed was that the difficulty settings has changed, and you can increase or decrease the difficulty at any time.

I started a new Witch Doctor, and quickly went to about level 20 in a few hours - there's currently a double XP buff active in the game, I guess that really helped. The loot drops have been amazing! Finally I'm getting gear in every game that improves my character. I've even had two orange items (legendaries) drop as well, and BOTH were actually usable by my character!

I've upped my difficulty to Master, and I'm surviving so far! It feels like a new game, so if you too were disappointed in Diablo 3 because of the loot issues, you should definitely give it a try again. The new Loot 2.0 system is awesome, and it really makes the game fun again.

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