Monday, February 2, 2015

How much for a GeForce GTX960 in South Africa??

The GeForce GTX960 has finally arrived, and boy oh boy, do I want one. From what I've read, it'll be the perfect card to replace my ageing GTX560 ti card. And, the good news (unless you're at the bottom of Africa) is that it sells for $200. In South Africa, it's closer to $300. That makes me sad.

Even if you are registered with a supplier and order from them directly, the cheapest one I can see is R3304.86 - that's for a MSI one with the following specs:

1178MHz Core Speed (1241Mhz boost)
2GB GDDR5 7010Mhz Memory

Code is MS-N960-2GD5T/OC

The price, in ZAR as of today for one overseas is R2300. That translates to just plain unfair :(

EDIT: I see Wootware and Rebeltech sells Galax GTX960's for R2999. Only thing is, I've never ever heard of Galax at all... not sure I'd go for something like that - your thoughts?

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