Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The epicness that is Unepic

A while back, Jayson and I bought a little game called Unepic. It's a side scroller platform RPG, and it is truly epic!

The story is great as well - you and a bunch of mates are playing a tabletop RPG. You take a bathroom break, and the lights go out. When it comes back on again, you're in a fantasy world with your trusty lighter and your witty comments, and a full on fantasy adventure ahead.

The reason we picked it up was a combination of the numerous yes votes on Steam as well as the promise of co-op game play. As you know by now, we are forever on the lookout for the next awesome co-op experience, and sheesh does Unepic hit the proverbial sweet spot a thousand times over!

The game is also brutal, you will die and you will die often - sometimes it cannot be avoided even! Pull that lever and a massive boulder will crush you. Or make the floor disappear, impaling you on the spikes below. I've never been as cautious of levers as in this game haha!

There's loot, as there should be in any good RPG. The humor is excellent. The game play mechanics, especially with a Xbox controller, is just right. And, the best part, the co-op WORKS! How many times have we tried playing GTA 5 co-op and not be able to properly connect to each other (friends only sessions). Grand Theft Waiting if you ask me...

Just to explain how well the game handles the networking - last night, as we were playing over the internet, Jayson's ADSL dropped all of a sudden. His character decided to run straight into the wall, and continued to run indefinitely. I thought, oh well, there goes all the progress we just made down the drain. BUT, a small miracle happened. Jayson connected his 3G and we got the VPN up and running again, all without closing the game and the session, and low and behold - he was back in again! And we could carry on playing, even with his 3-4 minute absence!

So, Unepic dev guys and gals, you have done something really special with the net code for Unepic - the big leagues can learn from you because it's awesome!

A ridiculously fun game. A ridiculously funny game. An excellent platformer. There's loot, leveling, spells, crafting, Steam workshop. And yes, one hellishly fun co-op adventure!

Buy Unepic here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/233980/

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