Sunday, February 16, 2014

My top 3 Free to Play - Part 2: Infinity Wars

I've always quite liked CCG - that is, Collectible Card Games - I am a huge fan of Magic the Gathering and a have a huge box full of cards. I don't, unfortunately, play as much as I'd like though. Anyway, Infinity Wars just released their beta on Steam, click here for their website - also, check out this short intro video on what the game is about:

Firstly, I always like it when developers take a tried and tested game mechanic, but add a few twists and things like that of their own. Infinity Wars is a prime example of what I mean - firstly, instead of actually taking turns to play your game, and have several phases through which each turn goes, both players now play their cards at the same time. You cannot see what the other player is playing though, so that immediately introduces some form of surprise.

Also, the battlefield consists out of several zones:

There are four zones in total - Command, Support, Assault and Defense. Whenever you play a card, it goes to your support zone, and they generally have to wait 1 turn before you can move them out to either the Assault or Defense zones. If you place a card in the Assault Zone, you're basically attacking with it, and any cards in the Defense zone is to block any attackers from the other side. 

Each player generally starts with 100 life points, but to put a very nice twist on everything, each player also 100 morale points. When either of the two reaches zero, you lose the match. You lose life points when the enemy player has units in the Assault zone, and you in turn do not have any blockers (or adequate blockers) in your Defense zone. But, with the morale system, it's sometimes not wise to sacrifice your units to save health points, because when you lose units, you lose morale points too.

Each deck consists out of 3 command units - these also determine your deck's faction and which other cards you can have in your deck - these units are always available from the start of the game, but you still have to pay resources to play them - you can, however, put them directly into either the Defense or Assault zones. You can also play their abilities from the Command zone, which is also quite a nice feature.

The game is entirely free to play, and all of the cards in the game you can acquire without paying real money. All cards are also trade-able, and the devs promise an Auction House is in the pipeline. Just keep on playing the campaign and you will get in-game currency with which you can buy boosters and decks. You also gain levels as you play, and each level you gain, the game rewards you with a 15 card booster pack. Here is a very cool card I got from one of the boosters:

Infinity Wars resources works like this - each match you both start with 1 resource, which then increases with 1 after each turn. There are also 7 factions you can choose from - they are called Warpath, Flame Dawn, Genesis Industries, Cult of Verore and Descendants of the Dragon, Sleepers of Avarrach and The Exiles. You can read more about them here: - from what I understand, new factions will be added all the time, which is really gonna keep it interesting!

Just like other trading card games, each card in Infinity Wars has some really cool artwork on it, but they've gone a step further - each card's artwork is fully animated - it's a really nice touch!

Lastly, the developers have promised to bring the game to iOS and Android as well, and I think this will really let the game stand out more! So, if you like trading card games, and are looking for a really cool free one, give this a shot! It's plenty fun!

Give it a try on Steam here, and if you'd be so kind and enter my referral code (AEAD5) if you start playing, that'd be great! And feel free to add me as a friend in the game (lars).

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