Monday, February 24, 2014

Steelseries Siberia V2 USB Pro Gaming Headset

My awesome wife bought me this baby for our anniversary:

I just unpacked it, and I'm listening to some music now as I write this. I've got it loud. Very loud. And it sounds freaking amazing! I've never had a decent set of headphones, and I cannot believe how huge a difference it makes, even to something as simple as listening to music.

The bass is incredible, I can feel the set vibrate on my head, and the noise cancelling is spot on, I cannot hear anything from the outside world, not even me typing on the keyboard (can't hear that even when nothing is playing!).

And, when nothing is playing, you cannot even hear the slightest hiss in the background, they're dead silent! NICE!

I cannot wait to use it for this evening's Loadout session! I will definitely be updating this post with my experience :D

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