Friday, January 30, 2015

A few of my favourite Youtube channels

A friend introduced me to a thing called Vsauce. It goes something like this: "Vsauce, Michael here..." - it is a Youtube channel that features a guy called Michael. The camera is always quite close to his face, and he wears black rimmed glasses. It's probably one of my favourite Youtube channels! The topics he covers varies greatly, but they are always extremely interesting and even educational (but not in a boring way at all!).

For example, they answer questions like Why are we morbidly curious and whether Cereal can be classified as soup. It doesn't stop there, and they have tons of videos answering all kinds of strange and interesting questions about everyday things. It's great, check it out here

After watching so many Vsauce videos, Youtube started suggesting other channels in the same genre as well, and I've recently discovered SciShow. These guys answer more science related stuff, but it too is extremely interesting. Why do we have baby teeth you ask? They answer that question in a short 3 minute clip. What would the 5 most important molecules in your body be? They answer that too. If you are at all interested in Science related topics, check this one out here

Watching tons and tons of SciShow videos, in one of the clips Hank Green, one of the two guys that does all the talking, mentioned another channel which I started watching yesterday. It's called CrashCourse. It has videos with crash courses (that's right!) of various things. For example, a crash course in Astronomy. Or one in Chemistry. I'm busy watching the chemistry one, and sheesh, if school science lessons were like these, I would definitely have paid much more attention! My boy will have such an advantage when he goes to school one day - the internet has explained so many things so much better than any of my teachers were ever able to. Anyway, back to CrashCourse - it's another awesome channel with cool stuff, so check it out here. Hank is one of the speakers here as well - seems like a very interesting fellow!

Enjoy, and please comment some of your favourite channels related to the above, if I like them, I'll link to them!

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