Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What Microsoft is up to...

Microsoft has revealed some really awesome stuff about Windows 10. The first one, and I think this is a kickass move on their part, is that in the first year of the new OS's life, if you run a Windows 7 or 8.1 pc, you can upgrade to Windows 10 FOR FREE.

A lot of people thought that this will become some or other subscription model, but it's not, you can do the upgrade for free in the first year, after that, if you want Windows 10, I assume you'll have to buy it.

This is such a great way to get people to try the new OS, I know I'm going to do so as well, after all, it's free! I wonder how big the download will be in the end...

Are you going to upgrade? Comment below and let me know!

Then, Microsoft is apparently emphasising gaming with Windows 10. So a quite nifty feature it will include is that you can stream gameplay from you XBOX One to any Windows 10 PC or Tablet. That is rather cool - I just wonder if you'll be able to play with your keyboard and mouse if you do stream the gaming...

DirectX 12 is also coming with Windows 10, and, it seems, only Windows 10, but, at least we get to upgrade to it for free hey! They claim all these huge performance increases, but I wonder if it'll really be that great, considering only much newer graphics cards will be DX12 compatible (maybe the performance boosts actually come from the newer hardware hehe).

I also read some mentions about cross-platform multiplayer. That would be quite cool I reckon! Playing on your PC with your buddy who's on his XBOX - nice going Microsoft, keep this up!

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