Thursday, January 1, 2015

My gaming PC - an update

My gaming PC is up and running! So far I've only played Dragon Age: Inquisition on it, and it is performing admirably indeed! Running the game at 1600x900 (highest my screen can go remember) with almost everything turned to the max.

It runs great! Also, the Creative Speakers my awesome wife got me arrived, and they sound great. It's not a very big set, it's the Creative SBS A250 2.1 Desktop Speakers - they give around 11W RMS, which is more than what I need (for now hehehe...).

And they look quite nice too :)

Then, the mouse I'm currently using is my old Logitech G300:

But, I did buy a very nice G402 recently, which is connected to my work PC at the moment - I'm contemplating moving it my man cave PC - in fact, I will do just that - I mean, look at how cool this thing is! And I did buy it for my gaming PC anyway, so it's the right thing to do:

And, this is, sadly, the keyboard I'm currently using, a Logitech UltraX Premium Keyboard - it sucks for gaming, but for now it'll have to do until I can afford a decent mechanical one:

One of the only issues I have with the PC at this stage is the stock cooler that's on the CPU isn't pulling its weight, and the fan on top of it is really loud. The CPU temperature goes up to about 67 degrees Celsius while I'm playing, definitely want to get a decent cooler too - I'll probably end up doing that first...

Anyway, as a person who works from home on the PC the whole day, it's really refreshing to have a dedicated gaming PC to play games on and if you're in the same kind of situation, I'd highly recommend doing that as well if you can, it's really worth it!

Until next time!

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