Monday, September 23, 2013

Bye bye Openweb, hello Afrihost

I have a 4mb Telkom ADSL line. Last year, Openweb had a special where you can buy a 2mb standard uncapped account for R297 per month, but the best part was that you can have 2 people using the connection at the same time.

I have very mixed feelings about the Openweb uncapped package. Yes I did manage to download a lot, I usually start it after work, and leave it on overnight. My only problem is that if I have done a night's worth of downloading, the next day my internet is shaped into oblivion itself and I cannot even access Gmail without pulling the hair out of my head.

Luckily, I've always had a 20gig Telkom account too, so for normal work time, we use that. With both me and the missus using it for work during the day, we easily use over a gig of data just with emails and regular work browsing (I'm a web designer, she a graphic designer).

Usually around the 20th or so, the Telkom account is totally depleted. Just too bad I can't really effectively use my uncapped account with Openweb either...

Enters Afrihost: they've done it again, slashing their capped account prices even more. Just this month I helped one of my clients move over to Afrihost, and got them on a 10gig account for R145 per month, which is a very good deal in my opinion! Since they switched, the owner keeps on sending me the emails he gets from Afrihost, and it's always extra data. Just the other day they got an extra 24gigs of data, just for being a client (not even for a month!). And a week later, he got another email that they loaded 5 gigs of data on his MTN cellphone for this month and next month for free as well.

And last week, Afrihost cut their capped prices even further, meaning my client will be paying the huge amount of R49 per month for their 10gigs. (their previous company charged them over R500 I think).

Now, for my same R300, I can get 75gigs of unshaped data from Afrihost. Together with the now 40gigs I get from Telkom, 115gigs will be MORE than enough for our usage every month. In fact, I'm gonna start on the 50gigs account and see how it goes - R199 per month. Best part? No contracts, and Afrihost has legendary support!


  1. Hi Rudi, long time.....

    I really am glad you published this, cos I'll be looking very soon to get ADSL. Trying to use the Cell companies is nothing more than a joke.

  2. Hey man, nice hearing from you again. Yes I can't wait to officially go over to Afrihost. I had to give a 30 day notice (something you don't have to do with Afrihost if I remember right). So by the end of the month, it's unshaped data for me!