Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September - I'm excited

September is looking to be a really exciting month for us geeks.

Firstly, on 4 September Samsung is doing a big reveal, and everyone is pretty sure it's the Galaxy Note 3. I really hope it is, and that they bring it to South Africa ASAP, I so want to get that phone!

Sony is also announcing their follow up on their really cool Xperia Z, and I think the new one will be called the Xperia Z1. Very VERY curious to see what they come up with this time...

Also, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C - the 5s will look the same, but apparently with an upgraded camera, processor and storage options. The 5C will have a plastic case, which can be changed to all kinds of funky colours. So far, it looks like 10 September is the date to look out for that one...

As far as gaming, the biggest title of the year:

Yes, Grand Theft Auto V is being released, and I keep getting more and more excited about it by the day. It will have 3 main characters that you play with, and it seems like the map will be the biggest in the series. Seriously looking forward to this one.

Borderlands 2 is just not getting old either - the latest DLC will raise the level cap to a whopping level 72, but it doesn't end there, you can, once you've hit level 72, unlock a special mode where all the enemies get tougher, and they drop higher level gear, which will go up all the way to level 80 in the end. The wife and I are both level 51 now on the Xbox, grinding to play through the main story line again to get to the next difficulty level...

Hopefully the latest Terraria update, version 1.2 also gets released, but I don't have a clue when it actually will. Some awesome updates, as you can see from this vid:

The water's gonna get a big upgrade, and there will also be half bricks, and I've heard that network play will be much better and easier to get going (I had to set up port forwarding on my router so that my buddy and I can play! The other option is setting up something like Hamachi - big headache!). Also, you can run straight over one brick high blocks without having to jump over them any more. That will be a huge help by itself!

The last thing I'm uber excited about, my bro's baby boy is gonna join this world on the 25th. Can't wait to make a gamer out of him too!

That's my "things I'm excited about for September" list - drop a comment if you're excited about something geek related too that I didn't mention... Game on!

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