Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Logitech is failing me

I've had Logitech devices for years now, and lately I've been experiencing all kinds of crap with them, and I'm really considering shifting my loyalty elsewhere.

I guess it started with the original G15 keyboard - now, I had that one for quite a few years before it started messing about, so I wrote it off as good old fashioned wear and tear.

I liked it a lot - in the beginning. It has an MR button (stands for Macro Recording), you basically press that, and one of the left hand side G-keys, and then start typing. The keyboard then records what you're typing, and once you're done, you just hit the MR key again. Now, every time you press that button, it simulates all your key presses while you did the recording.

I never actually used it for gaming, and mostly for regular work (I'm a programmer remember).

Anyway, my gripe was that the MR button started getting stuck, making the use of the G-keys really a huge pain in the ass to use.

Also, almost no games out there used the LCD display on the keyboard, making it the most useless feature in the history of keyboards (I think World of Warcraft used it, but not in such a way that you can't live without it...)

Next, I had the MX518 optical mouse - this one lasted very long indeed, and the only issue I had that the clicking in the end got louder and louder - almost as if something was stuck and then released when you clicked. Other than that, by far the best Logitech product I ever owned!

I still have it to this day, as a backup mouse, but yes, the left click isn't what it used to be...

To replace my G15 and MX518, my awesome wife bought me a G110 keyboard and G500 gaming mouse for Christmas back in 2010.

Let's start with the horrible G500 - as a mouse it's really good, it's got a laser sensor, and even an adjustable weight system. Also lots of buttons, 10 in total (that is if you include the left and right action of the mouse wheel, you can assign those to their own functions with the software).

Anyway, this mouse had a weird glitch - every now and then it would let go of my clicks before I do (if that makes any sense). I would click and drag something, and without me releasing the button, the mouse just releases on its own. Very annoying indeed. I took it in to Pinnacle, and they tested it, and didn't experience the same issue. So I got it back, and it worked fine for a bit, but then started again.

So I searched online, and it turned out, this was a common issue with this particular model. I was not impressed. It turns out, in certain environments, usually drier areas, a static charge builds up between the plastic of the button and the pad it presses against (which aren't made from the same material). That charge causes it to "lose the click" every now and again.

The only way to fix this was to actually open up the mouse, and do a DIY job and wrap an elastic band around it and stuff like that. Something I was not in the mood for.

I took it back, and luckily they game me credit (only plus side of this story is the 3 year warranty the mouse has, so Pinnacle didn't have an issue taking it back and giving me credit). Very sad about this thing, I really liked the mouse a lot, but that issue just made it suck so much.

I decided to get something else this time around, and ended up taking the the G300:

Anyway, I'll get back to the G300...

Let me start complaining about my G110 now:

Good keyboard, and never had any hassles with it, until now a few weeks ago. It disconnects every now and again on it's on, and reconnects again. I have a very bad luck run with my Logitech gear as of late, maybe I should switch brands (feel free to comment what you guys would recommend!).

This too seems to be a common problem with this model. Damnit. Anyway, on Logitech's site, I got to this post: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/G-Series-Gaming-Keyboards/G110-series-disconnect-reconnect-issues-and-ASUS-MB-I-don-t-have/td-p/923712

I've now followed the steps they've laid out there, and so far it hasn't disconnected yet, but it's only been like 2 hours now. Time will tell, sooner or later, time will tell (see my Red Alert quote there hehehe).

Now, the G300 mouse - with my keyboard, it also disconnects every now and then. Hopefully the step I followed on the post I mentioned above that will too sort itself out...

Lastly, this useless piece of crap:

That's the Logitech Dinovo Mini media center keyboard. Damn I hate that thing. Almost every night when we start the media center PC up, I have to take the battery out, and put it back in again, just for it to work with the PC. I spent over R1500 on that, and it was the worst mistake I've ever made. Do NOT buy one of these if you have a media center PC.

And the little track pad mouse thing is also not as responsive as it could have been. It's a huge pain to work with. Hopefully it breaks soon.

Anyway, I'm now fed-up with Logitech, and will never buy a Logitech peripheral ever again.

So please, comment below, and give me some recommendations (I'm in the market for a media center remote, a new keyboard, and maybe a new mouse).

Rant over.

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