Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some of my favourite things to do in GTA V

GTA V is still very fresh on everyone's mind, it being just over a week since release. I must say, it's a bloody brilliant game! I've decided to share some of the things I like to do in the game (besides the main story missions and stuff like that...):

Playing tennis

So far, I've played two matches, and won both of them. It's a lot of fun, and can't wait to hit the courts some more! It's not too complicated and difficult, which I really like :)

Just driving

I always liked doing this in all the GTA games, especially San Andreas - I'm very happy that the map is so huge in GTA V too, that you can just hit the open road and listen to the radio (the radio stations are hilarious!). Plus, the cars handle really nice, not like GTA IV which I didn't like at all!

I especially like to get one of those off road buggies with Trevor and ride off-road, that's plenty of fun!


So far I've only done one, and I'm busy in the planning phase of the second one - this is an awesome feature, and I can only imagine how much fun it'll be to do something like that with a few buddies.

Looking for stuff

All the GTA games so far have had some kind of collectible items that you can get throughout the game (San Andreas had, for example, horseshoes you can find, or clams under water...), and GTA V is no different. I wanted to discover what this one holds without looking it up on the internet, and I just found the first one yesterday. Won't give it away, but I'm looking forward to start searching for more (and to see how long it will take me to actually look up the locations of them all on the internet)

Watching TV

I've watched some of the shows on the in game TV's, and they are hilariously funny. So sometimes I put my TV on, start up the game, and watch some TV. Good times!

Helping strangers (might have some spoilers)

I especially like doing this with Trevor, since he's such a totally unpredictable guy! I helped retrieve a guy's stolen bicycle (he email me the next day with a gift of $100000 worth of shares in his company!), delivered a "lost" couple to the Altruist cult, and even got robbed when I wanted to help someone who's van broke down on the side of the road (I woke up on the train tracks, just in time to escape certain death too!).

GTA V is a masterpiece of entertainment. It is everything I hoped it would be!

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