Monday, August 26, 2013

Borderlands 2, my favourite FPS of all time

I am a massive fan of Borderlands 1, the best part was my wife also enjoyed it. We finished the game in split screen coop on my Xbox, and still talk very fondly of the Zombie Island of Dr Ned (Dr Zed's evil twin)!

That's a good game!

We happened to finish that game about 2 or so weeks before Borderlands 2 was gonna get released, and my awesome wife bought it for us the moment it became available for our Xbox. We got the special edition, which included the Mechromancer playable character and some good guns to start our journey on Pandora with.

Anyway, I now have it, plus all the DLC, on both the Xbox and my PC, and still enjoy the crap out of it! It just never gets old, the guys from Gearbox are absolute artists, and Borderlands 2 is in my opinion a masterpiece. The humor, the game-play, the artwork, the characters, the story, the villain, the enemies, the LOOT - it all adds up to the best FPS I've ever played.

Gearbox has started making short animated movies about various things in the game. They're about to upload a new one this week - can't wait for that!

Here's the first one, it's about latest playable character, Krieg the Psycho. Although it's hilariously funny, I can't help but feeling very sad for him at the same time... Anyway, here it is, enjoy:

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