Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thieving Vodacom

So it happened a good bunch of hours early. I handed in my 30 day notice to cancel my Vodacom contract on 31 August. Low and behold, they did. At about 9:00am on 31 August, costing me about 60 odd free minutes which I was planning to use today.

I'm now on prepaid, and I'm just waiting for a few days to see what happens with the Galaxy Note 3 stuff, then I'm moving my number over to Cellc. I will be extremely happy to be rid of Vodacom.

We've been staying in our current house for almost 2 and a half years, and the reception (well known suburb in Cape Town) in my house is so poor, I have to go to my bedroom if I want to make or receive calls without getting cut off.

Now, I've enquired on numerous occasions on how we can sort this out - I even once asked if there isn't something like a booster that I can install in my house to increase my reception, but no, nothing.

And the best part (and I mean that most sarcastically), they don't give a damn to lose me as a client. As if they'd care about their customers anyway.

Anyway, good riddance! Goodbye Vodacom, you will not be missed.

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