Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I've realised I always do an intro post as my first blog post. Anyway, this time is no different...

I got my very first PC when I was 8 years old (it was actually the "family pc"), back in 1990. It was an old XT machine with one of those 4 colour orange and brown monitors. It ran DOS 3.3 (very sophisticated I know), and it had a 360k floppy drive, with a whopping 20MB hard drive. With it came some pre-installed games - Sopwith, Pinball, Blackjack and a few others.

After school I went to study programming, mostly Delphi stuff, and since 2007 I've been running my own freelance web design company. Just me, no employees thank goodness (tried that once, the kid was so frikken lazy I fired him).

Anyway, I like gadgets and gaming and technology. I mostly game on a PC, but I have an Xbox as well. My PC specs aren't the best, but I get along with it:

Core i5 650 (3.2Ghz) CPU
MSI Fuzion Motherboard (don't know why I bought this one...)
12Gigs of RAM
Asus GeForce 560 ti Graphics Card
OCZ SSD Vector 3

This blog will be about the geeky stuff I do. That is playing games, upgrading my PC, fiddling on my phone (currently a Galaxy S2, upgrading in a few weeks), and so on and so forth.

I just bought myself a Fractal DEFINE R4 Titanium PC chassis. My first couple of posts will be about me building over my PC over into it. Quite excited about that, so will keep you posted! Here's what it looks like (pic borrowed from the official website):

The pic doesn't do it justice though - will take some pics of my own as I build the whole thing over. Very glad to ditch my old Aerocool case, so fedup with the thing hehe.

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