Friday, August 23, 2013

The new Sim City - I still like it

I was one of the people who pre-ordered Simcity. I was desperate for a good City Building game. I was (and still is) a huge fan of Simcity, Simcity 2000, Simcity 3000, Simcity 4 and it's Rush Hour expansion. So I found myself super excited when they announced that they're making a new one!

Anyway, the one thing that bugged everyone is the always online requirement thing. I must admit, I'm not too fond of it myself, and I was especially annoyed with it right in the beginning, where I had stages that I couldn't connect, or have lost hours of work I pushed into a city...

I decided to let the game "settle" for a few months, and installed it again this week. So far, it's been smooth sailing! Plus, this morning a new update was released, number 7. It allows for some neat additions for laying roads - you can now lower and raise roads, which makes for some interesting layouts. Here's a screenshot I borrowed from their site:

Also, there are 4 new religious buildings added, which boosts happiness, but doesn't cost anything to plop down (you are limited to only 4 per city though...).

The game is genuinely a lot better than at launch. And I'm sure it'll continue to get better. (I'm also hoping for larger maps in the future, but it's not a game breaker!)

And once my latest city is at a stage where I'm happy with it, I'll post some screenshots!

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